Introducing our new fully digitalized web application Loan Direct

Applying for smaller loans just got faster and easier. With our all-new web application, our customers can now apply for loans and get credited in hours via mobile phones, desktops, laptops and tablets…

  • Get Quick Loans in minutes 
  • Monitor your Loans and Repayments
  • Flexible and Easy Repayment Processes
  • Customer Care Live Support 

Applying online

in 3 easy steps

  • <span> 01. </span> Click on the APPLY NOW Button
    01. Click on the APPLY NOW Button
    Get started here, its fast, easy and secure. Also, take note of the requirements needed for your loan type
  • <span> 02. </span> Fill the form appropriately
    02. Fill the form appropriately
    Make sure your form is filled correctly and all needed documents are uploaded.
  • <span> 03. </span> Click submit
    03. Click submit
    After you have filled the form satisfactorily click on the submit button. yes, it's that easy!!!

Our Services

Here at County finance, We offer a wide range of financial products from Personal Loans for your immediate needs to Business Loans to give your business the competitive edge to Payroll loans for salary earners and  smart investments that yield good returns

  • Personal Loans

    Personal Loans for your immediate needs
  • Business Loans

    We don’t want your business or aspirations to suffer because you don’t have access to the money you need, apply now and together, let's make that business of yours grow.
  • Investments

    If you want to boost your savings with an absolute peace of mind, a fixed deposit investment is the perfect fit for you.
  • County Payroll

    Our salary-based loan allow salary earners in our network access up to 1million naira
  • Automobile Lease

    Buying a vehicle can be one of the biggest purchases you can make. So, it makes sense to find the financial help that suits your unique set of circumstances.
  • Equipment Lease

    By using our equipment leasing experience both for established companies and for new starts, you can have the equipment that you need

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is Loan Direct

Loan Direct is a financial product from County Finance, strictly tailored to meet customers urgency of emergency cash, the process is fully digitalized and loans are disbursed within hours


How much can I borrow?

Loan amounts starts from 50,000 upward depending on the type of loan requested by the individual or business.

Who qualifies for a business loan?

Individuals and entrepreneurs with registered or unregistered businesses. Please note, Business experience or employment of at least 6 months is required.

What do I need to do to apply for a loan?

click on the APPLY NOW button, fill out the form appropriately and click submit. Yes it is that easy!!


You can walk into our head office situated at 49, wemco road Ogba-Ikeja to get started.

How much interest do I pay?

At County finance we take many factors into consideration when setting interests rates for our loans which are but not limited to

  • The loan amount requested and the loan duration
  • Returning clients with good repayment history with us
  • Reducing balance adaptation

When do I pay back my loan (Loan Duration)?

We know paying back loans is no small feat that is why during the loan application process we fashion out a repayment schedule which is suitable for you. Please note, loan durations are also subject to the loan amount requested.

  • Personal Loans: Loan duration ranges from 1 month to 6 Months
  • Payday Loans: from 1 month to 6 months
  • Business Loans: from 1 month to 18 months
  • Asset Finance: from 1 month to 12 months

How can i make my loan repayments?

  • Direct Debit: This is an easy and convenient mode of repayment where a standing order is attached to the individual’s bank account, and the money is then collected automatically on the set date of repayment.
  • Bank Transfer: This mode of repayment is simply transferring of funds to County Finance Ltd’s designated bank account numbers. Please note after the transfer has been made, the individual will be required to send to us either by email or other suitable communication channels proof of payment (payment slip) for confirmation.
  • Cheque Deposit: In this process the individual’s cheque is taken to the bank for the issuance of the repayment of the loan, Please note, a dud cheque is regarded as a criminal offence with serious implications.

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